What is DOOR?

DOOR is a faith-based network of cities that provides opportunities for service, learning, and leadership development within the urban context. We host volunteers for a weekend to a year and include opportunities for individuals and groups.

People can participate through the following programs:

Discover: For groups to participate in coordinated weekend and week long trips designed to challenge them to "see the face of God in the city" as they spend time listening, volunteering, worshiping, and reflecting on their experiences.

Discern: For individuals, primarily from our neighborhoods, to spend three to twelve months developing their leadership skills, discerning their call, and exploring vocational possibilities. During the Discover season these individuals play a key leadership role in showing and educating visiting groups about the issues of race, poverty, homelessness, and hunger. Discerners help visitors to connect faith and justice as they lead daily devotions, reflection, and prayer.

Discern is an opportunity for emerging urban young adult leaders to hone life skills, grow professionally, and become exceptional leaders both in their community and the larger world.

Dwell: For individuals to spend a year living in intentional Christian community while serving in a local agency placement, worshiping in an urban congregation, and reflecting together as a community.

We highlight the strengths of our cities in each program. We believe this is best accomplished through collaboration and mutuality. We partner with other organizations and institutions because we believe that we have much to learn from others and the combination of DOOR with our partners creates a better experience for participants. We believe that service-minded learning is best accomplished collaboratively. Listening and learning from various voices serve to enhance one's understanding of God and God's call. We believe in hearing God's call within community at both the individual level and the organizational level.