What is Discern?

A summer staff program to help host Discover groups by

  • Leading devotions, worship, conversations, recreation, etc.
  • Serving with groups at a variety of agencies
  • Guiding groups through the city

A place to explore vocation and calling through

  • Group and individual reflection
  • Serving at various agencies and ministries
  • Interacting with a variety of populations across the city

An opportunity to interact with people from many places and backgrounds by

  • Sharing and exchanging cultures
  • Gaining experience and skills for cross-cultural and cross-race conversations and relationships
  • Building community with fellow Discern participants

A place to develop leadership skills through

  • Public speaking experiences
  • Facilitating group discussions
  • Guiding people through the city
  • Connecting Discover participants and agency service site staff

A place to continue faith development through

  • Bible and book study
  • Conversations with Discern, Discover, and Dwell participants from different faith traditions
  • Attending and experiencing different religious services
  • Reflecting on and sharing personal faith stories

A place to explore faith and justice issues like race, homelessness, hunger, environment, and power structures

Participation opportunities for all interested

Summer staff positions are available in all DOOR cities for participants ages 16-24. Discern participants are paid during the summer.

Schedule and activities vary by city; visit the city page or contact the local city director for more information.

Additional opportunities for local participants

  • Engage in yearlong activities/programming
  • Teambuilding and peer support
  • Opportunities to develop vocational and college skills
  • Additional faith exploration
  • Mentoring support from local city director
  • Schedule and activities vary by city; visit the city page or contact the local city director for more information

Any applications submitted in fall 2017 and winter 2018 will be held for consideration for summer 2018. Hiring for summer 2018 will begin in early spring 2018.

  1. Complete the online or PDF application form.
  2. Have three (3) people complete the reference form.
    • Good people to consider as references include: current or previous employers; a pastor, youth pastor or other church adult; a volunteer supervisor; student life director or Resident Director/Assistant; or teacher or academic supervisor. These forms may not be filled out by family members or roommates. Interviewing and hiring will not be done without references.

Application questions? Contact the national office.