Are you interested in spending a year:

  • Exploring the intersection of faith, calling, and social issues
  • Focusing on spiritual development
  • Engaging in vocational discernment
  • Learning about the urban church from local pastors and leaders
  • Sharing your gifts through a placement at a local agency or ministry
  • Experiencing other cultures while sharing your own with housemates and neighbors

Dwell gives you the opportunity for all these experiences and more! If you are 19-30 years old and interested in dedicating a year to serving at an agency, growing your faith, and learning from housemates, neighbors, and local church leaders, then Dwell is the place for you!

A Dwell year will be stretching, joyful, challenging, and life-giving, sometimes all in one day. The Dwell experience will help you gain a sense of the vastness of God's kingdom and your place in it. Check out the current Dweller blog links for local stories from the Dwellers themselves!

Through Dwell, all of DOOR's cities are placement sites for the Young Adult Volunteers (YAV) program of Presbyterian Church (USA) and for Mennonite Mission Network (MMN) of Mennonite Church USA.

Program Features

  • Live with other Dwell participants in an intentional community house
  • Work at a local agency placement 32 hours per week
  • Community day once per week (includes Bible and book studies, service projects, story sharing, cultural events, city exploration, etc. planned by the local city director and Dwell participants)
  • Small monthly stipend
  • Housing, groceries, toiletries, and local transportation covered by program
  • Health insurance coverage, if needed
  • Multiple discernment, reflection, and learning retreats


  • 19-30 years old (if you are outside of this range, contact us)
  • One (or more) year(s) out of high school. Some college experience preferred, but not necessary
  • Willing to be an active attender of a local church in your placement city
  • Able to fundraise $6,500 financial support. Financial assistance may be available.
  • Able to work at a local agency for 32 hours per week
  • Willing to commit to the Dwell community and the full year program


AtlantaCivil Rights and Social Justice Catherine
ChicagoMany Neighborhoods, One City Hannah
DenverFrom Charity to Solidarity Darby
Los AngelesRacial Reconciliation and Re-Storytelling

MiamiWitnessing Social and Cultural Diversity Hannah

Possible Placements

Each DOOR city partners with a variety of social service agencies, schools, and ministries. Check out each city for examples of typical Dwell placements and work.

DOOR-YAV Partnership

DOOR and the Young Adult Volunteers (YAV) program of Presbyterian Church (USA) have been partners for many years. DOOR cities are six of the 17 national placement sites for the YAV program. DOOR and YAV share the desire to provide opportunities for participants to explore the intersection of faith, service, and community and remain committed to offering an experience which allows space for Mennonites, Presbyterians, and participants from other denominations to more fully appreciate their faith traditions.
In an effort to create a streamlined and common application, placement, and orientation experience, DOOR and YAV have decided to have all Dwell applicants use the YAV application process through June 1. Beginning June 1, applicants apply directly to DOOR. 

Financial Information

  • Dwellers need to fundraise $6,500 per year which goes towards covering program costs
  • Donations to DOOR are tax-deductible
  • It costs DOOR about $16,000 per year to host a Dweller

Program costs to DOOR include:

  • Participant housing, food, stipend, local transit, retreats, study materials, community day events, and health insurance
  • City director staff time
  • Administrative costs

Income to run the program comes from:

  • Placement agency
  • Denominational support
  • Grants
  • Individual Dweller fundraising
  • Local Dwell fundraiser events