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This was sent directly to our church host in Denver and was sent to the congregation in last week's email. Thank you Edmund! 

Thank you: "I was a member of one of the youth groups that went on a mission trip this summer and stayed at your church, through DOOR Denver. I must say, I had an amazing time. The activities we did were awesome, the people I met were awesome, and it was overall just a great experience. However, upon further reflection, I realized that part of the great time I had was your church. The environment there allowed me to interact with new people, make new friends, and get closer with people from my group. This was mostly due to the huge meal room, and the large social room in the basement, both of which were friendly environments, where one could play music, hang out, and just generally chill. It reminded me to a certain extent of the buildings at an overnight camp, in that it was roomy, comfortable, and clean. I'm almost a hundred percent certain that without the way your building is set up, and the building itself in general, I would have never met the people I had met, never made the connections I did, and generally not had as good an experience as I did, in the end. So, I would like to thank whoever allowed that to happen for their generosity, their compassion, and their overall hospitality. If we could go back, I'd be back in a heartbeat. All the best, Edmund.

“Vocation does not mean a goal that I pursue. It means a calling that I hear. Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am”

Parker Palmer,
Let Your Life Speak
Please enjoy some reflections by our first two groups of the summer of 2011.
“One day this one kid went to Denver. He thought he was all good and going to spread the Word to poor people. He got there but saw it to be different. While there were people who needed it, there were others with much, much more. They had so much inside them that they spilled out toward him. He came away with so much more than he could have ever though. Jesus used him and others for him. The world is better because of this week”
“They gave with such passion and might
Who knew we would be the ones to put up a fight.
But God knew what was to come,
With our hearts pounding like a drum
We saw His love and grace through unexpected ways
And ultimately through unexpected ways
The clouds lifted the haze
To see God’s beautiful face.”


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