Blog: There’s No Room for Selfish Bridezillas in Intentional Community

After some time trying to figure out what specifically went wrong that morning, I realized the only wrong thing that happened was with myself. I was so focused on one style of music not being my preferred style that I forgot to see the beauty in my friends’ faces as they sang along with the praise band. I was so focused on trying to eat with unfamiliar utensils that I forgot to watch the joy of my housemate who was finally able to speak her mother tongue to other native speakers. I forgot that community does not mean that everyone is going to be super thrilled with what is happening all of the time, and that’s okay. I had momentarily turned into one of the bridezillas from Four Weddings who wants everybody’s wedding to be just like her own wedding. Living in intentional Christian community means that these amazing people I live and serve with are my family and, just as I want them to be happy alongside me, they deserve for me to be happy alongside them.

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