Wadlow to Conclude Service

Discovering Opportunities for Outreach and Reflection (DOOR) Hollywood staff member Marvin Wadlow Jr will conclude his service with DOOR at the end of December.

In his three years with DOOR, Wadlow has served as DOOR Hollywood Assistant City Director. Wadlow had a major impact on all of Hollywood’s programs, increasing the focus on the connection between faith and racial reconciliation and social justice. While he worked with the Discover and Dwell programs, Wadlow’s biggest contribution was to the Discern program. Discern is a program that hires local young adults to serve as summer staff, develop leadership and professional skills, engage vocational discernment, and build faith and spiritual practices. Wadlow worked with over 20 young adults from the DOOR Hollywood neighborhood, helping them pursue school, employment, and leadership opportunities beyond DOOR. He has also been instrumental in developing a Discern program curriculum now being used across the DOOR network.

DOOR thanks Wadlow for his years of dedicated service and looks forward to the ways we will continue to work together.