Our Testimonies- Atlanta

By Chad Wright Pittman, Atlanta City Director

Our Discover theme, Moving Toward Mutuality, explored the ways that we can be with our neighbors and not just for them. With Christ as our example, participants looked at our mission to be more than just giving to those in need, but also to be with those around us. We used this lens to look at issues facing Atlanta (homelessness, gentrification, food insecurity), and to think about the ways that God calls us to be in relationship with our neighbors, listening and learning from them, and moving toward mutuality.

Puneet, a student from Timmy Global Health at Purdue, shared with me his passion for service and for understanding issues facing the marginalized locally and globally. His interactions during the Discover week reshaped the way he thinks and speaks about people experiencing homelessness and how he hopes to keep that reframing in his future work in the public health sector. We covered topics from “voluntourism” to gentrification, and the work this college group has been able to do through Timmy and partners like DOOR.

The work continues to shape the way they see their own futures and participation in making the world a more just, peaceful, and healthy place. The Discover experience helps participants of all ages move towards mutuality as they interact with the face of God in the city.