The Discover Experience

By Andrea Sawyer- Kirksey, Executive Director

Our Discover program is more than just a short-term mission trip. It is also an answer to the gospel call to help make the world a better place. By inviting people from rural and suburban communities into an urban context we increase our reach into places that traditionally exclude themselves from the political and spiritual conversation that our country needs to have in order to help heal the divides we are experiencing.   

We want to help participants realize that no one is off the hook because they just did not know what was happening in places that have traditionally been forgotten, marginalized and ignored. There is a responsibility to learn and pay attention and bring those who are marginalized to the center of our awareness. The gospel good news is for everyone, no exceptions. At DOOR we want to shed light on the attempted erasure and dismissal of black and brown people. We feel this is part of the calling and mission of DOOR.  

Real relationships are begun through the Discover experience and those relationships change us.  We want to measure our effectiveness not just based on who comes through the door into our programs, but by what they take back home and into their futures when they leave our doors, having experienced, learned and been challenged to engage the world in new ways.