We Stand with DACA

By Andrea Sawyer-Kirksey, Executive Director

DOOR has a long history of providing summer jobs for local youth of color. This has been a powerful witness in many areas as it demonstrates to our communities that we are not just interested in consuming them but that we also want to co-create with them. We want to help the community build strong indigenous leaders. We want to put resources that are both monetary and practical back into the community in a way that communicates mutuality and interdependency. 

This relationship also helps us to bear witness to the struggles that some of our young staff face on a regular basis. Our staff share stories of being racially profiled not only on the street by police, but in the classroom, in stores, and on job applications, just to name a few. Our staff come in a beautiful array of skin tones, cultures, and backgrounds. 

The President dealt a devastating blow to our DOOR community by announcing the repeal of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). This mandate hurts the very people that we love and support, as staff members as well as neighbors and friends. These are the young people that make our organization creative, transformative, and strong. Dreamers are not nuances, criminals, or unwanted; they are students, employees, and service men and women. They are the beloved, and we stand with them! We stand with DACA.

As people of faith we believe that God has called us to be welcoming and loving to all. So, we pray for all immigrants, refugees, and pilgrims from around the world, that they may be welcomed in our midst and be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect.

God hear our prayer.

Acknowledgments: Litany adapted from original version: Prepared by the Episcopal Church Office of Government