A Season of Change - A new Direction for DOOR: Atlanta

By Hannah Chappell-Dick

Spring comes early in “the ATL”, and in this season of new growth and energy, DOOR Atlanta was lucky enough to snag an amazing new interim City Director, Anquette Williams.

Although she was born in Orlando, Florida, Anquette grew up just South of Atlanta: a city that she loves. “I love the energy, the culture, and the endless opportunities offered in Atlanta.” Anquette shared. “I've had the experience to travel to many cities but there is nothing like the A.”

As a young adult in 2015, she moved to Historic Grant Park to begin a year of service through the Dwell Program. For eleven months, she worked with Pulse Church, a “diverse faith community of people who live the gospel by connecting the pulse of God to the pulse of the city.” Here, she served as the Ministry Intern/Staff Associate. Her love of the position and the church community shone through to her housemates and City Directors.

As her year of service drew to a close, she began to struggle with the process of transitioning away from the service work and intentional community of Dwellers. “After leaving my community, I didn’t know how to implement the tools, passion, insight, and resources provided while serving as a Dweller.”

As a result, she underwent a period of reflection, processing, and perspective-shifting. Not to be deterred from the mission of integrating what she had learned through DOOR with the challenges of the “real world”, Anquette founded “Her Sticky Hope”, an inspirational brand designed to encourage and inspire others.

In early 2019, Atlanta City Director Chad Wright Pittman submitted his resignation after accepting a position with a church. The search for an immediate replacement was on, and Anquette’s name came up often. When Anquette was offered the interim position, she accepted. Since then, she has been a rockstar in this demanding (and rewarding) position.

DOOR Atlanta will be facing some structural changes in the coming year, but Anquette is helping the organization stay afloat during this stormy season. Her favorite part of the position is being able to share her gifts and operate within her passion.

“The toughest part of being the interim City Director is remaining disciplined,” Anquette noted. Before accepting the role, Anquette meditated in the mornings, set intentions before checking her emails, created “me time”, and balanced proper nutrition. As the interim City Director, however, her life became “nonstop and always changing.”

Nevertheless, embracing this “nonstop” experience has reinforced the importance of remaining disciplined. “This has truly stretched me, but I have gained so much from this opportunity. I am a woman on a mission to continue evolving, operate in my gifts, and inspire others along the way.”

This summer, she looks forward to growing with her Discerners, Dwellers, and Discover groups. “Serving as the interim City Director is truly a gift, both personally and professionally. I can't wait to see the growth within myself and within those I’m able to connect with in this season.”

Tyler Schrock