3 Easy Steps to Register for Discover

1. Complete a group registration form


Questions? Need help? Contact the national office.


phone: 303-295-3667

mail: Discovering Opportunities for Outreach and Reflection. PO Box #3237, Chicago, IL 60654

2018 Fee Schedule

  • Week long- $325/person
  • College week long- $300/person
  • Weekend- $130/person
  • Optional extras
    • Extra night (as available)- $750/group OR $25/person, whichever is greater
    • Public transit- varies by city, see registration form for current rates

2. Send an initial deposit to the national office

All payments, including the initial deposit, go towards the overall balance.

Amount (must be in US dollars)

  • Week long groups- $75 per person
  • Weekend groups- $25 per person
  • Custom groups- confirm amount with the national office

Payment Method

  • Check or cashier's check- make payable to DOOR and mail to PO Box #3237 Chicago, IL 60654
  • Credit card- complete information in the online form below or call the national office at 303-295-3667. We accept Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

3. Receive a registration confirmation email from the national office which will confirm your trip details, group size, and payment due dates and amounts. You will also receive a group contract which will give you the opportunity to make corrections or adjustments to your registration information.

Contact the national office if you have questions.