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Overview of City

From the Hollywood neighborhood, the storytelling capital of the world, DOOR Los Angeles focuses on the often debilitating and stereotypical single stories of "the homeless," "the gang member," "the celebrity," "the blacks and whites," or any expression of "those people," while reflecting on how Jesus often challenges our perceptions through parables. Los Angeles is also the epicenter of the nation's homelessness and human trafficking issues, and Hollywood holds real-life scenes of immense wealth amidst a silent chorus of many individuals who have failed to achieve the American Dream. Come to Los Angeles and see what is just outside the camera frames; hear testimonies from people doing all they can to make it here; be fed and hosted by a local Latino population; and see the face of God when we all tap into our vulnerabilities, together.  Read about our commitment to local communities on our blog, here.



Discover is DOOR's short term mission trip/service-learning program that includes time for service, learning, and reflection. Read more about the Discover program.

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Los Angeles offers Discover groups only during the months of June and July

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DOOR's Discern program provides summer staff and local yearlong engagement opportunities for young adults. Read more about the Discern program.

DOOR Los Angeles' Discern program features:

  • Hosting and welcoming, both week long Discover groups and yearlong Dwellers

  • Public speaking, mostly with Discover groups and local congregations

  • Presenting personal testimonies and overcoming single stories

  • Fearless feedback, giving and receiving

  • Devotional/Bible studies

  • Spiritual mentorship

  • Resume building

  • New media photography and culture

  • College and career mentorship

As a DOOR Los Angeles Discern participant, you will receive:

  • Housing arrangements at La Casa de la Comunidad, if needed

  • Regular meals are provided when Discover groups visit

  • Public transit passes are provided upon request

  • A stipend of $150/week is offered during summer months

  • Program curriculum is concentrated June through August, with invitations for local members to attend seminars, movies, potlucks, speaking engagements, and retreats throughout the year.


Dwell is a yearlong program for young adults interested in dedicating a year to service, intentional community, discernment, and faith development. 

The Los Angeles Dwell Experience

To live in Los Angeles means to seek the face of God amidst the juxtaposition of fame, fortune, and dramatic poverty. With the largest and most diverse homeless population in the nation, Dwellers work in agencies and ministries that engage issues of economic injustice, mental health, domestic violence, and human trafficking. The Dwell team also shares life with a vibrant community of predominantly Central American immigrant neighbors and their children, working towards shared use of La Casa de la Comunidad, the community house attached to the Dwell duplex.

DOOR Los Angeles asks young adults to live simply, intentionally, and to work towards racial reconciliation in the country's second largest urban environment. Here, the storytelling capital of the world, Dwellers will explore the damaging dominant narratives that movies, television, and advertisements perpetuate, especially in the negative portrayals of minorities and how mindsets of racism and classism converge to perpetuate mass incarceration, homelessness, and trafficking. During multiple retreats, including one to study the US/Mexico border.

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The DWELL program is a 1 year volunteer opportunity with DOOR, available in multiple cities across the United States. This program is in the process of an update and program details will be displayed here when finalized.

Direct any questions about the DWELL program to

Before you can transform the community, you must be willing to transform yourself
— Tyrone Nance, Los Angeles City Director

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