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Overview of City

At the crossroads of North America, South America, and the Caribbean, Miami is a mix of cultures, languages, economic differences, classes, and nationalities. Within a few blocks, you can try Cuban food in Little Havana while listening to conversations in Spanish, encounter buildings covered by colorful murals in Wynwood while hearing music in English, and take in Haitian music seasoned with Creole in Little Haiti.  Against this diverse background, DOOR Miami’s focus in on redefining service through discussions about faith, solidarity, and compassion while witnessing the contrasts of economic status, class, and nationalities in Miami.  Read about our commitment to local communities on our blog, here.



Discover is DOOR's short term mission trip/service-learning program that includes time for service, learning, and reflection. Read more about the Discover program.

Discover groups stay near the downtown Miami area and serve the the surrounding communities of Little Havana, Overtown, Wynwood, and Little Haiti. Homestead, about an hour from Miami, provides the opportunity to serve within a migrant farm worker environment. The city of Miami will give you the opportunity to hear Spanish, English, and Haitian Creole just blocks away from each other.

Service Opportunities

Discover participants will serve with agencies across Miami-Dade County. We provide opportunities to work in:

  • Homeless shelters
  • Transition housing organizations for men at the end of their prison sentence
  • Human trafficking related organizations
  • Organizations that work with adults with disabilities
  • Immigration advocacy organizations
DOOR Network Volunteer Miami Discover Mission Group Service Learning Church


DOOR's Discern program provides summer staff and local yearlong engagement opportunities for young adults. Read more about the Discern program.

DOOR Miami's Discern program features:

  • Leadership development through work with Discover groups
  • Learning about cultural and social issues in Miami, including immigration, homelessness, human trafficking, gentrification, economic contrasts, and more
  • Opportunities to build and develop teamwork skills and community mind-set
  • Faith development through Bible studies and interfaith and ecumenical conversations
  • Service opportunities with organizations across Miami

As a DOOR Miami Discern participant, you will receive:

  • Housing with the Discover groups. Depending on the hosting church, Discern participants' spaces may vary.
  • Meals
  • Public transportation passes
  • Retreats and community activities
  • Stipend


Dwell is a yearlong program for young adults interested in dedicating a year to service, intentional community, discernment, and faith development. Read more about the Dwell program.

In Miami, Dwellers will experience:

  • A mix of cultures, languages, economic differences, class, and nationalities
  • Experiences, encounters, and discussions about homelessness, immigration, gentrification, human trafficking, and more
  • Faith development through book studies about spiritual disciplines, issues affecting local communities, and interfaith and ecumenical conversations
  • Community days include service projects, book reading reflections, visiting churches to meet pastors and leaders, watching movies or documentaries, going to museums, and more
Miami is one of the most multicultural cities in the USA; one that has been shaped and molded by the stories of countless immigrants.
— Daniel Morales, Miami City Director

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