Our local partnerships mean everything to DOOR. They are the heart and soul of our local communities. DOOR is really conscious about working with local agencies and partners who are committed to serving their neighbors with love, mutuality, and joy. Our service sites are not just a place to work and get in hours. We consider these sites mobile classrooms. Everyone there becomes an educator. Someone who once lived at a shelter and is now working at that same shelter can teach our participants about structural injustice, faith, perseverance, community, and why the lives of the poor matter. An executive Director of a food pantry who was once a CEO in the corporate world, can share with our groups about driving through an economically struggling neighborhood in a fancy car making lots of money, and the moment she decided to realign her priorities and give it all up to serve the poor and fight for legislation and policy changes. Many of our participants return after a hard day’s work talking about people by name sharing stories of who they met, and how their encounters transformed them.

Here are some of our commitments to our local communities and partnerships.

Our Partners

The volunteers come and really get involved by listening to the stories of the homeless. It means a lot.
— Emergency Feeding Program Partner
It’s a cross cultural experience for people from different cities when the volunteers come in.
— Mentorship Community Partner
The goal is for volunteers to have an understanding that this is not their story. On site we discuss racial issues and poverty as well as work hard. This isn’t time to pat yourself on the back
for working.
— Community Garden Partner